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EUDAT Metadata Schema Documentation#


The EUDAT Metadata Schemas define and describe metadata for research output in order to transfer metadata information through and for different EUDAT CDI services. EUDAT Core and EUDAT Extended Metadata Schema originated from the need to define a common schema that allows to harmonise metadata elements used for storage, publication and discovery of digital research objects across EUDAT partners and beyond. The B2SHARE technology supports a flexible metadata schema model in which community metadata extentions are supported on top of the EOSC Core and Extended Metadata Schemas. The EUDAT Instruments Metadata Schema has been developed to support the registration of Persistent Identifiers for Scientific Instruments in the B2INST service (under development).

Target Audience#

  • people interested in the usage of EUDAT metadata schema
  • users of EUDAT services
  • organisations that want to run an instance of any EUDAT service

Metadata Working Group#

For surveillance of metadata quality within and across EUDAT services there is a specific Metadata Working Group, consisting of responsible people from relevant EUDAT CDI Partners. If you have specific questions or remarks concerning any of the Metadata Schemas, please contact the Metadata Working Group via the EUDAT Helpdesk.