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EUDAT Community Extensions#

Community extensions in EUDAT B2SHARE#

Community Description Metadata definition in B2SHARE
Aalto Aalto University Aalto metadata model
BBMRI The main vision of the project was to increase the scientific excellence and efficacy of European research in the biomedical sciences with the aim of expanding and securing competitiveness in a global context as well as attracting investments in pharmaceutical and biomedical research facilities. It transformed again to become a more permanent initiative, now BBMRI-ERIC. BBMRI metadata model
CLARIN CLARIN stands for Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure. It is a research infrastructure that was initiated from the vision that all digital language resources and tools from all over Europe and beyond are accessible through a single sign-on online environment for the support of researchers in the humanities and social sciences. CLARIN metadata model
CompBioMed CompBioMed is a European Commission H2020 funded Centre of Excellence focused on the use and development of computational methods for biomedical applications. CompBioMed metadata model
DRIHM The Distributed Research Infrastructure for Hydro-Meteorology project intends to develop a prototype e-Science environment to facilitate this collaboration and provide end-to-end HMR services (models, datasets and post-processing tools) at the European level, with the ability to expand to global scale. DRIHM metadata model
EISCAT Incoherent scatter radar data EISCAT metadata model
EPOS European Plate Observing System EPOS metadata model
EUON The European Ontology Network EUON is a community-driven, voluntary coordination between people based in Europe and working in the area of ontology and the broader area of semantics, including terminologies, vocabularies and schema. EUON metadata model
Europlanet-VESPA VESPA (Virtual European Solar and Planetary Access) aims at building a Virtual Observatory for Planetary Science, connecting all sorts of data in the field, allowing for rapid data search and providing modern tools to retrieve, cross-correlate, and display data and results of scientific analyses. Europlanet-VESPA metadata model
GBIF Biodiversity data. GBIF metadata model
HPC-Europa3 HPC-Europa3 Transnational Access programme offers: access to world-class HPC systems, to academic and industrial researchers, scientific collaboration with host researchers in any field, technical support by the HPC centres and travel and living expenses reimbursed. HPC-Europa3 metadata model
InGRID InGRID is a network of distributed, but integrating European research infrastructures. A research infrastructure is a facility or platform that provides the scientific community with resources and services to conduct top-level research in their respective fields. InGRID research infrastructures serve the social sciences community, that wants to make an evidence-based contribution to a European policy strategy of inclusive growth. InGRID metadata model
KiCoS The KiCoS (Kinder Corona Studies) Community is an exchange platform for studies on COVID-19 among children in Germany curated by the Robert Koch Institute. KiCoS metadata model
LIFE+Respira Life+Respira is a project aimed at showing that through the use of new technologies, along with urban planning and management, like promoting sustainable mobility and bicycle use, it is possible to improve air quality and reduce air pollution. LIFE+Respira metadata model
LTER Long-Term Ecosystem Research in Europe LTER metadata model
NRM The Swedish Museum of Natural History is a government agency that reports to the Ministry of Culture. Our task is to promote interest in, and knowledge and research on, the origins and development of the universe and Earth, on the plant and animal worlds and on the biology and natural environment of human beings. NRM metadata model
OPENCoastS User community for the OPENCoastS service. The OPENCoastS service assembles on-demand circulation forecast systems for selected coastal areas and keeps them running operationally for a period defined by the user. OPENCoastS metadata model
OpenEBench OpenEBench is the ELIXIR benchmarking and technical monitoring platform for bioinformatics tools, web servers and workflows. OpenEBench is part of the ELIXIR Tools platform and its development is led by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) in collaboration with partners within ELIXIR and beyond. OpenEBench metadata model
R3PACK R3PACK - Reduce, Reuse, Rethink Packaging towards novel fiber-based packaging and reuse schemes uptake - is a Horizon Europe project funded by the European Union. The project gathers 24 partners around a common goal to secure fast and extensive uptake of industrially relevant, cross-sectorial, cost-effective innovative technologies allowing immediate substitution of complex multilayer plastic packaging with high performing fiber-based packaging and economical, industrial and environmental optimisation of reuse schemes demonstrated at large scale. R3PACK metadata model
RDA The Research Data Alliance RDA builds the social and technical bridges to enable the open sharing and re-use of data. RDA metadata model
STARS4ALL The STARS4ALL foundation is a general-interest foundation, as a mechanism to provide sustainability to the main results obtained in the context of the H2020 EU project STARS4ALL, especially in relation to the production and maintenance of the TESS photometer network and the provision of open data from such network to researchers and civil society organisations. STARS4ALL metadata model
TBopen The TBopen Community is a data and information exchange platform on tuberculosis (TB) in Germany that is maintained by the TB-Team at the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin. The goal of the community is to provide stakeholders involved in TB prevention and control in Germany a common space to share information. By providing an open repository on what type of data on TB is collected and available in Germany, TBopen aims to stimulate cooperation between organizations and experts. TBopen metadata model

Community extensions in EUDAT B2INST#